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Head Massage


At NY Foot & Body Spa, we offer romantic couple massages. This treatment is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to share a massage with someone special. As one of our most popular massage therapy services, it has the power to bring people closer and grow your bond.


Come celebrate today side-by-side as the two of you de-stress and reconnect. Enjoying a therapeutic massage together is a wonderful way to show your love to each other! Our spa will be happy to provide both partners with absolute bliss. The beauty of couple massages is that you can tailor each individual massage to your desires. If you are looking for a Thai massage, but your partner is more interested in a deep tissue massage, we are happy to give each one of you exactly what you need. Our goal is for you to walk out feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, so we work to eliminate the pain and stress in your body.


Achieving optimal relaxation is terrific, but this feeling can be stronger when you do it alongside someone you love. Treat your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with couple massages! What a romantic way to spend Valentine’s together. Book a massage for you and your loved one in Bradenton, FL today.

Couple Massages: About The Spa
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